The Cause of the 2 Day Hangover


I don’t know about you but since becoming a mother I CAN NOT handle my alcohol! A couple of glasses of wine turns me into a giggling school girl. Anymore than that, and I’m a mad woman, actually like a wild animal let lose. I genuinely believe that I am a pop star and I can shake it like Beyoncé! 
I don’t remember alcohol having this much of an effect on me before I had my children. I am quite partial to a drink and rather like the feeling of being tipsy but it took longer when I was younger and child free and definitely didn’t make me quite so wild!
You will know the feeling I’m sure: When you arrive at a gathering, decide to be sensible… just one glass of wine, water in between… but then some polite person fills up your wine glass and that’s it. An unexpected extra sip! I’m done for! Seriously, that one refill has sent me over the edge and I hear myself telling people that eating is cheating!
At this point you’d think a mother of two, aged 32, having been to university and led a good exciting life, would recognise the signs. Signs that should say in neon lights in my brain ‘STOP DRINKING’. The signs are: talking VERY loudly. VERY rosy cheeks. Saying things I know I shouldn’t. Stopping mid sentence to sing/screech the words to a song… All this and a glance at my watch reveals to me that it is only 9.30pm.
Is it that I’m trying to keep up with other (younger) people who don’t have children? Or has having babies fundamentally changed my body’s make up?
There is one thing I do know. Something that is a definite. I will ALWAYS suffer from the morning after guilt! It doesn’t matter that I have no need to apologise; I just have that sinking feeling that I may have offended someone or just outright made a fool of myself! I have to say it doesn’t happen that often, having 2 children and a house that is a bit of a project, nights out are few and far between. But when I do have one the words total destruction spring to mind! 
What’s more… Where did the 2 day hangover come from? It takes an extra 24 hours to shift that fuzzy feeling now I am a mother. It doesn’t stop me though does it! The shapes I’m ready to throw on that dance floor are just too good to keep to myself!
So, here’s to the next time!

3 thoughts on “The Cause of the 2 Day Hangover

  1. I BEG TO DIFFER…particularly with reference to, quote, “…like a wild animal let lose. I genuinely believe that I am a pop star and I can shake it like Beyoncé!
    I don’t remember alcohol having this much of an effect on me before I had my children….”

    Can I take you back to university years…where that description couldn’t be more apt??? Or have the early years of alcohol consumption resulted in some hazy or even loss of memory.

    Fortunately for all of us back then, we phone’s did not have the ability to video record, but I’m pretty sure I have some photo evidence! Xx


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