Talking to Strangers 

Sitting on a train, catching the eye of a stranger sitting opposite you and not talking, is weird! But how many of you have been in this situation and not communicated?

Some people will be working or deep into a book but if not why not have a conversation? Why do people, sociable creatures, choose to ignore each other on public transport? Or anywhere else for that matter, like sitting on a bench or in a doctors’ waiting room?
Is it because men and or woman are afraid that any conversation would somehow be seen as a flirtation? If so, who cares? 
Could it be because although sociable we are not a confident species? If so… Try it! You might blush but the colour in your cheeks will fade.
This may seem laughable but is it because we are British? If so… Loosen up!
Or is it that most of us are just down right miserable and would rather spend the time stuck inside our own heads than learning something new about a stranger!? We just can’t be bothered! Who knows?
At this point I’ve been sitting opposite and next to the same man and two women for two hours on a train and haven’t uttered a word! BUT in an effort not to be stuck in my own head… I’m making my next move! One of them has bought some wine – aha a kindred spirit. I shall ask them how it tastes and if it is worth a trip to the food carriage!

One thought on “Talking to Strangers 

  1. Hi Emma

    I’m a content producer from Australia’s biggest parenting website, Apologies for the comment, I couldn’t find a contact box or email address for you.

    I read your piece and really loved it. I’m wondering if you’d be interested in letting us republish it for our readers?

    We would give you full credit and links back to your blog. Let me know or get in touch if you have any questions. My email is



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