Everything Tastes Better than Skinny Feels!


    I’d just like to put something out there and that is…

    Skinny feels lifeless, boney, flaccid. It has no bounce, no strength and leaves many women wanting! However, that big bar of chocolate feels soft and creamy, its full of life and will give you strength… It will never leave you wanting!
    Ok, I’m going to extremes I know… but as a woman who since having children is struggling with accepting my figure – that awful quote from Kate Moss keeps popping into my head. But it’s NOT TRUE! Even a good salad tastes better than the one moment you get a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and feel thin!
    I ask myself time and time again, is it worth it? Do I really need to worry about my figure? My husband loves me and fancies the pants off me! My kids love me and I have great friends – so why can’t I just accept the way I am? Why can’t I be happy with my lumpy bumpy bits, my jiggly bits and rounder face?
    It’s vanity, I know.  But and this is a big BUT… for me, the way I look just isn’t a big enough driving force to sacrifice the pleasures I get from good food! My appearance is’t enough motivation to count calories or not eat cake with my kids. To be ‘thin’ I have to sacrifice! A lot… Not least long lunches with family, friends and wine! 
    However, my health is another matter, and so before all you superior fitness types judge me on my love of food and lack of care for my appearance, I am healthy. I eat my five a day and snack on fruit and get some exercise. But I’m not thin and I’m not sure I ever will be. Or even ever was?
    It’s difficult to come to any conclusion or answer to my internal battle against vanity. Why, when I feel so strongly about all of the above do I let it bother me? Is accepting the changes to my body, my lumpy bits, accepting defeat?
    This brings me onto my competitive nature. We’re all competitive in some way aren’t we? Some more than others. But in accepting ‘defeat’ who has won? ME! I’m the winner surely? I get to kick vanity up the bum, eat my cake and love myself? But it doesn’t really feel like winning. In fact, it feels like settling.
    I’m not even sure what ‘thin Emma’ looks like. I’m sure you’ve all done it… Got to your target weight and wanted to lose more. Got to your target measurement and thought one more inch… But it’s all about appearance and let’s face it vanity is a bastard. It’s like an abusive partner. It makes you paranoid, unhappy, strips away your self confidence and makes you feel like you are never good enough!
    So, here’s my advice… It is profound and I hope it serves you well: surround yourself with people who are fatter and uglier than you are!

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