Thinking of having a third? Do it! (Warning: there’s a lot of love in this blog!)

My husband and I decided to have our third baby earlier than originally planned. We had thought we’d wait till Sebastian was at school but… why wait? We talked at length about cars, money, the house, stress…. but do you know what? It’s the best thing we did!

It took us longer to conceive Gus than it did our older two so I’m glad we started trying when we did. However, the best part about doing it earlier is that I get to have Sebastian at home with his baby brother. Not all the time… yes I enjoy having them all at home but I also like the less chaotic times. I also understand that my kids need a life away from me too, so, Sebastian goes to preschool AND has ‘Mummy days’. We go to soft play, craft, or spend time at home and he gets to be the oldest for the day! (Without his big sister around) And on the days they’re all at home…. Lexie is old enough to appreciate Gus as a baby. So she makes him laugh, tickles him and sings to him, and when I’m busy changing bums or sorting bottles the big two have each other to play whatever crazy game takes their fancy.

Lots of people say having a third child is a big jump…. or that it’s like going from no children to one… that hit by a train feeling you get all over again! But I don’t feel that way (yet!). Gus is 6 months old now and weaning… but still pretty much stationary so my mind may change, but at the moment, I think these might be the happiest times in my life! When they’re all in the bath, all I can think is: this is my gang, my guys, my team, my tribe, my happiness. I feel so fulfilled… That is until one of them poos, then there are limbs flying all over the place as the older two panic dive out of the bath retching! (Wees… we just deal with!) I know it sounds gushy, but I’m trying to get across what an amazing feeling it is to have a big family.

I had to take all three of them to the dentist the other day… after the school run… in between feeds… before bedtime. It can be pretty stressful and I wasn’t sure how it was going to pan out… but having 3 kids is about taking it in your stride and I think I relish in the responsibility and enjoy the juggling! Three little sets of teeth all checked… and despite Sebastian telling the dentist all about his ‘winky’ and his ‘pinky’ I was so proud of my team as we walked out!

I think that’s how having 3 makes you feel… full of pride! Always. In some ways I’m proud of myself and my husband! Look at what we created! These beautiful little beasties and their chubby little hands and faces… their inquiring minds… their cheekiness and even their naughtiness!

Yes there is more laundry, another bed to make/wash, another Drs appointment to get to, another little cry in the night… but what difference does that make, really, when you’re already dealing with 2? I can tell you… not a lot! So if you’re thinking of having another… of being a family of 5… I say DO IT!

Will there be a fourth…. a family of 6…. Let’s see where the wind takes us! ❤️

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