Is my motivation hiding under the bed?


In June 2013 I completed my biggest physical challenge. I did the UK’s Official Ironman 70.3. Since then I haven’t done anything.

I have lost all motivation. Lost it! I can’t find it anywhere. Not in my salad bowl, my pasta bowl, not in my gym bag and not in my head! Call it post Ironman blues or post race depression… Whatever it is I have it and it’s been going on now for around 18 months.

Everyone says I should sign up for another challenge but I just can’t bring myself to do it! I don’t want to run in the cold or go to the gym late in the evening or get up early. But, and this is a big problem for me and my self-esteem, I feel chubby and unfit.
So where has it gone? Is my motivation hiding under the bed?

2 thoughts on “Is my motivation hiding under the bed?

  1. When other priorities come along in life a loss of motivation is inevitable and I think it’s something that everyone goes through at some point.
    If the motivation is hiding under the bed then the only way through it is to one day move that bed, find it, grasp it and use it. Take inspiration from the fact that you can go to the gym, you can run, walk, cycle, swim. Some people sadly can’t wake up and put on their training shoes and take to the gym.
    That day may not be today, tomorrow or any day soon but eventually it will come back to you. Live life to the full & be fabulous!


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