It’s the Little Things…

At the moment, I’m on maternity leave and a lot of my day is taken up with cleaning dirty bums, washing the high chair, cleaning up spilled milk and the occasional cuddle!

After I’ve cleaned up a little pooey bum I never think ‘great job Mummy you did well!’ But, a few days ago I did something I’m SO proud of.

I figured out how to put a pop up tent back in its bag!!! (I think this warrants 3 exclamation marks).

I was going to say you have no idea how much of a thrill that was… But maybe you do? Happy doesn’t cover it. I couldn’t wipe the grin of my face. I have to say my husband was pretty impressed too. The happiness and pride I took from this somewhat small achievement has kept me going for about a week.

I often find there’s not a lot to feel particularly ‘clever’ about whilst on maternity leave. During the day-to-day grind of running the house and looking after the children there isn’t a lot of time for deep and meaningful thoughts; at times my day feels like it’s filled with domestic trivia. So, it’s the little things that remind you of your abilities.

One thought on “It’s the Little Things…

  1. Ummm think it’s about time you got back to work😊.

    But you are correct it’s amazing how much joy you can get from little things.


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