THAT look

My daughter is a lively little girl. She likes to talk, she likes to skip and she likes to entertain! Put her in a room full of strangers and her default setting is to show off! Some might say like mother like daughter!

I love her, my family loves her, most people love her… However, there is the odd mother with a drip of a child that doesn’t love her. Mother’s with children who are meek and mild tend not to love my daughter. They judge her and they judge me – so here’s me judging them and giving them a bit of advice! 

You can give me THAT look when Lexie won’t sit down after I’ve asked her to, and you can give me THAT look when she gets excited and won’t stop talking in a quiet place, and you can give me THAT look when I tell her to behave and she defiantly looks me in the eye and says clearly and insolently ‘I won’t’… Because every time you look at me like that you confirm that my child is better than yours. (I warned I’d be doing some judging in this blog – and I realise all mothers think their child is the best!) She has fire in her belly. She has her own mind. She knows how to live. 

Yes I know 3 year olds need discipline and need to be taught right from wrong… My husband and I do that. Lexie is kind, she knows how to share and she is very affectionate towards her friends and family. But I won’t make my relationship with my daughter difficult for a stranger who doesn’t like her lively (at times naughty) behaviour.

Kids are naughty sometimes, kids need to be naughty – that’s how they learn, that’s how they express themselves. So to the stranger looking disapprovingly at me and Lexie – just stop it.

Now I’m going to get really judgemental and bit angry… But here goes. Here is my advice to those mothers that give THAT look… If you have a child that is meek and mild – well done you! I’m happy that your child is compliant, well behaved… I’m happy for you that they sit still and don’t ask too many questions. But, you know what? You are creating a nobody, someone forgettable… And that’s not me and not my Lexie. You will remember her and I hope you do go home to tell your partner or your family all about that ‘naughty little girl!’ Because you know what – Lexie won’t be forgotten.


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